Everyday Bliss Volume 1.

Everyday bliss. I had an old blog for which the tagline was “finding bliss in my day-to-day life.” That’s not really all that different from the tagline I have for this one, which has had longer iterations but is currently simplified as “dwell in wonder.”

I’ve seen similar sentiments described as follows:

  • Saving my life right now (see Anne Bogel’s post at Modern Mrs Darcy)
  • Little joys
  • Enjoying the small things (Kelle Hampton is queen of this)
  • It’s the little things
  • Carpe diem

Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate life. Things get hard and everything feels like a slog. Or it’s winter and things just feel blue and cold and never-ending.

I have always been prone to discovery of those little things that make my life a little happier. I call it everyday bliss. I remember pointing out to my husband when we were newlyweds that the dish drainer looked so lovely with all my pretty dishes in it. He laughed and kissed me and said something about me being cute.

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What is currently bringing joy to my days

War and Peace Penguin Clothbound Classics book

War and Peace

I have meant to read War and Peace since high school. Not because I WANT to, just because I want to say I HAVE! I know. It’s a silly reason to read something. BUT, there are 361 very short chapters and I read one per day. It takes 10 minutes or less (chapters average 4 pages). Plus, I have the lovely Penguin clothbound copy and it makes me happy to read from it.

Field daffodils from Trader Joe’s.

These come in a bundle of ten and are generally not yet opened. I’ve found them at Walmart as well, and they are an amazing little jolt of happy for less than two dollars. I’m also quite fond of the pots of tete a tete daffodils that Trader Joe’s has for $2.99. They last longer, too!

Fuzzy slipper socks

I was walking through Walmart a few months ago and caught sight of an adorable pair of slippers. They are more like fuzzy, non-slip socks with pom-pons on the backs. They come in several different animal prints. I like the panda ones best and then the fox ones, which I got for a Valentine’s Day vibe.  They are only $2.97.

Soft leggings in charcoal and black

Target has some leggings that I really love, and I have pretty much been living in them this winter. They only sell the black ones right now. I’m hoping they bring back the charcoal, which are my favorite.

Globe lamp touch nightlight with a a light in it

A globe with a light in it

I have a little globe nightlight/lamp that I picked up at a garage sale several years back. It sits on my nightstand and even though I do turn it off before going to bed, it helps me to navigate my room without having to turn off brighter, harsher lights. Also, it reminds me of some lines from one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping.

“Lucy, your mother gave me a special gift. She gave me the world.”
Actually it was a globe with a light in it.
But for the romantic that he was, it might as well have been the world.

This is the one I have, with a 4-way touch function, but you can buy a new version here or here. I do like having three brightness levels, but the touch feature on mine sometimes is finicky, so other options are this one or this one (cheapest and probably most elegant).

What is bringing you everyday bliss these days?

p.s. The idea of my dish drainer being pretty was actually inspired by Rachel Ashwell in her book Shabby Chic (or possibly The Shabby Chic Home – it’s been a while since I read them!)

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