Summer Bucket List

There have been many online posts made about making a summer bucket list. I was inspired to make my own a couple of years ago. Apparently I was feeling quite unadventurous, because there were only three things on it, and one of them I never completed.

So this summer, I went all out. I didn’t even write it until July. Because it was so late in the summer, I included things on it that I had already done, but would definitely have been on there if I’d made the list in May.

My list isn’t fancy, it’s not a printable done in watercolor, and as of this point, there are very few summer days left. But I wanted to share what I did to inspire any of you that want to create a seasonal bucket list (I totally intend to make one for fall!).

I wanted mine to be available on my phone and have a box that I could actually check. The Notes app on my iPhone works nicely for this, because I could type it out using my keyboard on my computer (I hate typing on my phone) but it would sync so I could check it when out and about.

I think Evernote would also work nicely for this purpose, since it has desktop and phone/tablet apps.

This is my summer bucket list for 2018:

July 8, 2018
◦ Hike a new trail
◦ Get Cincinnati Library cards
◦ Go camping
◦ Go to a Farmer’s Market
◦ Make popsicles
◦ Have a picnic
✓ Read a book in a hammock
◦ Visit a new local park
◦ Visit a tourist place near Dayton
◦ Swing
◦ Have a family photo taken
◦ Sleep in a tent
◦ Watch a classic movie with the family
◦ Rope swing into the river
◦ Try a new summer salad
✓ Make peach crisp (8/13/18)
✓ Visit Toronto
✓ Visit Montreal
✓ Go to an ice cream shop
✓ Go to the beach
✓ Plant flowers
✓ See fireworks
✓ Go to the fair
✓ Make root beer floats
✓ Have a cousin sleepover
✓ Eat watermelon
✓ Look for shooting stars
✓ Go to a drive-in movie
✓ Take a road trip
✓ Go to the Mini Maker Faire
✓ Wear red, white, and blue
✓ Find a rainbow
✓ Go to a baseball game
✓ Pick strawberries
✓ Toast marshmallows
✓ Make fresh blueberry sauce for ice cream
✓ Eat fresh cherries
✓ Visit an out-of-town library
✓ Eat tacos from a truck or stand

It may have been a little ambitious after my last three-item attempt, but I’ve done lots of fun things, and SUMMER ISN’T OVER! We are adamant in our family that September is a mostly-summer month.

This list is mainly meant for me and for activities for my family to do with me. I didn’t make a list for my kids, but they’re happy to help me check things off.

Kelle Hampton is fabulous at doing bucket lists, and if you’d like a printable, get on her mailing list. I imagine she will have one for fall coming up soon! Also, browse Pinterest for ideas. There are a lot on there.

Do you make a summer bucket list? Have you done any of the things on mine this year? If you have a post about it, please feel free to share!

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