Naming your house

There are a few bookish people who read the title and immediately think of a specifichouse in a specific book. L.M. Montgomery was the queen of house names in books. I mean, Green Gables, House of Dreams, Echo Lodge, Blue Castle, Ingleside

She even named her own houses. Her final house was called Journey’s End. We drove past it when our family was on vacation in Canada a few years ago.

And you know what? You can name your own house! Why not? You don’t have to live in the UK or a book or a charming coastal town. You can name your home wherever you live, whether you own it or rent it.

Ashley of has named her two homes (they are snowbirds and rent out the one they’re not living in at the moment as an AirBNB for some income – smart!). One is Fairview Cottage and the other is Pink Palm Getaway.

So how do you go about naming a house? Here are some starter words for inspiration. Start brainstorming ones that appeal to you and put them together!

Natural feature: Hurst (a wooded area or a sandbank), Mere (a small lake, pond, or marsh), Wood, Hill, Lea (meadow or field), Leigh (meadow) Fell (an upland pasture, moor, or thicket; a highland plateau) Croft (small enclosed plot of land), Sunny, Shady, Island, Brook, Creek, Waterfall, Stream, River, Orchard

Trees: Maple, elm, beech, dogwood, sycamore, birch, pine, apple, plum, peach, etc.

Color: Blue, pink,

Flower or plant: Peony, violet, rose, primrose, ivy, holly, bluebell, raspberry, blueberry

Bird or animal: Wren, robin, swallow, flamingo, hedgehog, deer, bunny, cat

Physical feature: Ingleside (ingle means fire), chimney, crossing (railroad or intersection), window, gable, dormer, tall, tiny, stone, brick, shingle, etc.

Style: cottage, bungalow, house, manor, farm, lodge, cabin, chateau, retreat, loft, studio, villa oasis, retreat, corner, cote, nest, court

History: builder, former resident, town, happening, former use (shop, inn, smithy)

For further inspiration, here are some names of literary houses (heavy on the Montgomery): Sunnybrook Farm, Wuthering Heights, Pemberley, Netherfield House, Green Gables, New Moon, Echo Lodge, Blue Castle, House of Dreams, Ingleside, Patty’s Place, Windy Willows/Poplars, Bag End, The Burrow, Plumfield, Bluestone, Manderley, Villa Villekulla, Orchard House, Silver Bush

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