Fall, leggings, and apple crisp

Fall, leggings, and apple crisp

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My favorite season is spring, but there is something special about fall. I love how I can start pulling out sweaters and leggings no longer make my legs feel like puddles of sweat under plastic cling wrap. (I live in skirts in the summer. Easy, breezy, beautiful.)

I only own one really good pair of leggings (Spanx jeggings, sans pockets) and another two pair that  are fleece-lined and have a habit of gradually creeping down, thus needing inelegant tugs to keep them up during the day.

I’ve heard tell of these fancy-pants leggings from LulaRoe that one of my friends described as made of unicorn hair on Facebook, but I haven’t tried them yet.

The truth is, I only just picked up the legging habit again after a several-years long hiatus. The last time I wore them regularly was in the mid-nineties when I donned them with Fair Isle sweaters over long button-down oxford shirts and topped off my feet with ragg socks and felted wool clogs.

Before that time period, my leggings may or may not have had stirrups on them. It’s kind of hazy.  

Beyond pulling out cozy clothes from the closet, fall brings apples. I love apples. Sliced with peanut butter, baked into pies and crisps, pressed into cider (hot or cold), cooked into sauce; I just love them.

There is an apple orchard here in Ohio that has apple slushies available. So yummy (I also love the fresh peach ones. So. Good.)  

Since I’ve been eating mostly gluten-free for the past year, I was a little dubious about being able to make a good apple crisp without wheat, but I managed to do it the other night, after some (delicious but certainly not “crisp”) fails. I had purchased some arrowroot flour and had been nervous to try it, but I think it helped to give the crunch I was looking for.  

What are some of your favorite things about fall? Do you have a shady legging-wearing history?

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