Creating a tea station

Creating a tea station

A couple of years ago, I created a tea station. I had a tray I’d obtained from IKEA that I really loved. It brought me joy, but I thought since I liked it so much, I should have it out instead of tucked into a cupboard. I mean, I don’t actually USE trays all that often.

I had recently purchased a electric ceramic tea kettle at ALDI, and decided that since that was going to sit out on my counter anyway, I should make a little area for my tea-loving self. I used a section of my counter that didn’t really get much use because of its location. Someone could easily use a hutch or cart or table or buffet or even a shelf.

I set the tray on the counter, plopped my new teakettle on it and then set out decorative tea containers. (The boxed ones are still in my pantry.) I had a little punched metal candleholder that I set out to hold various stray teabags or packets of hot chocolate. A small glass jar with a decorative lid held marshmallows.

I keep a sugar bowl on it that I’d received as a wedding gift but never really used. It has xylitol in it and not actually cane sugar, since that’s what I use for my tea because it’s better for teeth. I did find that since the lid wasn’t tight-fitting, the xylitol would clump after a while, so it’s in small plastic zippered bag inside.

I also love to use silver-plated spoons that I find at thrift and antique stores for a $1, so I also keep one or two of those on there.

Tea station and jar of marshmallows with strainer

My tea station is isn’t super fancy, but it works for me and it’s useful.
I’m sure there are many other ways to make it cute. 

I don’t drink coffee, but my husband does. He uses a French press, so he also uses the electric kettle to heat the water. The can of coffee stays in the pantry, but I do sometimes have a few packets of instant coffee in the container with the hot chocolate packets.

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