Anne of Green Gables delightful summer quotes

L.M. Montgomery writing is full of appropriate quotes for just about any occasion, and there are so many to be found in the beloved Anne of Green Gables. I collected a few of my favorite quotes that are about or take place in summer.

Summer Quotes from Anne of Green Gables

“… the yellow August afternoon where everything drowsed in the heat.”

“… the Madonna lilies in the garden sent out whiffs of perfume that entered in on viewless winds at every door and window, and wandered through halls and rooms like spirits of benediction.”

“Isn’t it good to be alive on a day like this?”

“… the light came down and and sifted through so many emerald screens that it was as flawless as the heart of a diamond.”

“… there was a delightful spiciness in the air and music of bird calls and the murmur and laugh of wood winds in the trees overhead.”

“Isn’t this evening like a purple dream, Diana! it makes me so glad to be alive. In the morning i always think mornings are best; but when evening comes I think it’s lovelier still.”

“I just feel tired of everything sensible and I’m going to let my imagination run riot for the summer.” (I have a print of this one in my Etsy shop.)

“I want to have a real good jolly time this summer, for maybe it’s the last summer I’ll be a little girl.” (I have a print of this one in my Etsy shop.)

“Anne had her “good” summer and enjoyed it wholeheartedly. She and Diana fairly lived outdoors, reveling in all the delights that Lover’s Lane and the Dryad’s Bubble and Willowmere and Victoria Island afforded.”

“Anne had the golden summer of her life as far as freedom and frolic went. She walked, rowed, berried, and dreamed to her heart’s content.”

“… she drank in the beauty of the summer dusk, sweet-scented with flower breaths from the garden below and sibilant and rustling from the stir of the poplars.” (I have a print of this one in my Etsy shop.)

“Outside it was only twilight – a lovely, yellowish-green twilight with a clear-blue cloudless sky. A big, round moon, slowly deepening from her pallid luster into burnished silver, hung over the Haunted Wood; the air was full of sweet summer sounds – sleepy birds twittering, freakish breezes, faraway voices and laughter.”

“… it was so bright and golden and fair, so free from shadow and so lavish of blossom.”

“There was a freshness in the air as of a wind that had blown over honey-sweet fields of clover. Home lights twinkled out here and there among the homestead trees. Beyond lay the sea, misty and purple, with its haunting, unceasing murmur. The west was a glory of soft mingled hues, and the pond reflected them all in still softer shadings.”

More summer quotes below!

Summer Quotes from Anne of Avonlea

“… an August afternoon, with blues hazes scarfing the harvest slopes, little winds whispering elfishly in the poplars, and a dancing splendor of red poppies outflaming against the dark coppice of young firs in a corner of the cherry orchard, was fitter for dreams than dead languages.”

“A thunder-shower came up while the girls were at Carmody; it did not last long, however, and the drive home, through lanes where the raindrops sparkled on the boughs and little leafy valleys where the drenched ferns gave out spicy odors, was delightful.”

“She walked slowly, enjoying the sweetness of wood and field and the starry summer twilight.”

“I mean to have the parlor simply a BOWER of blossoms… and the dining table is to be adorned with wild roses.”

“… the morning dawned pearly and lustrous in a sky full of silver sheen and radiance…”

“Anne led the way to the garden which was full of airy shadows and wavering golden lights.”

“Anne rose betimes the next morning and blithely greeting the fresh day, when the banner of the sunrise were shaken triumphantly across the pearly skies. Green Gables lay in a pool of sunshine, flecked with the dancing shadows of poplar and willow.”

“The world was so beautiful that Anne spent ten blissful minutes hanging idly over the garden gate drinking the loveliness in.”

“Nothing ever tasted so delicious as those strawberries and cream, eaten under a great blue sky all curdled over with fluffy little white clouds, and in the long shadows of the wood with its lisping and its murmurings.”

“The sun suddenly burst through the gray and poured a flood of radiance on the happy bride. Instantly the garden was alive with dancing shadows and flickering lights.”

“The garden was a pool of late golden sunshine, with butterflies hovering and bees booming”

Summer Quotes from Anne’s House of Dreams

“All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.”

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