Hello, my fellow curious souls, bookworms, and daydreamers!


I love to inspire others to delight in their everyday and to take the time to dwell in a place of wonder and curiosity.


I’m naturally frugal, I love poking around old places, I like exploring caves and waterfalls, I enjoy thunderstorms and gasp at lovely sunsets, and I like to surround myself with lovely things.

Personality tests stress me out

Perhaps someone could finally help me place where I fall in that whole Meyers-Briggs thing, where the only letter I know with absolute surety is “I.”


I don't like cheesecake, and I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail” but can’t stand “Sleepless in Seattle.”

I've been married for 20 years

My husband, Matthew, works for Operation Christmas Child.


My boys are finishing up their high school years. We homeschool and do technical school currently since that works for us right now.

I am a life-documenter

I've been posting a daily photo to my personal Instagram account for over three years now.


I am a photographer.


I dabble in genealogy. I collect books, mostly old, vintage ones with pretty covers. I love to adventure and explore and am fascinated by history.

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You are amazing!

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