5 ways to use things you’re saving for a special occasion

How many things do you have that you are saving for later? Frequently we want to hold on to these items for a special occasion, but then that occasion never comes. So let’s STOP HOLDING ON and USE those pretty things we are saving for later and enjoy them now! Here are a few ideas on how you can do just that.

Use those household items you have been neglecting

All of us have household things that need put to use. If you have a pretty piece of art that you have been waiting to frame, put it on the wall. If you have a piece of furniture that you have been waiting to refinish, do it. If you have a lovely book collection, try different ways of using them to decorate your house. (This is a favorite way of mine to decorate for the seasons!) Have a favorite plant that you have been waiting to re-pot? Do it now. Use those things that you have been holding on to so that you can enjoy them now.

Create art with the art supplies you’re holding onto

The last time you went to the art store, did you leave with a ton of sale supplies that you have been saving for a “special occasion”? Have you been collecting items that you thought you could use for a future craft? What if that occasion is now? Take some time to create the art you have been meaning to create. Paint something! Browse Pinterest for ideas for your yarn or your clay or your pencils and sketchbooks. Look on Instagram for inspiration. Make something with your scrap fabric or craft books. Need encouragement? Set a girls night and have friends over to craft. Most of us have stuff we’ve been putting off and bringing our half-knitted scarf or partially embroidered totebag to a party will give great incentive to finally finish it!

Donate what doesn’t make you happy

Don’t hold back, don’t shrink, don’t “save” your stuff. If it’s not joyful, get rid of it. Do you WANT to use the item or do you just feel like you should? Is there guilt around it? Donate those things that you no longer need or don’t even want so that you can make room in your life for the things that you do need. Don’t hold on to things that bring you sorrow or guilt. If it’s a family heirloom you don’t want, take photos and document and see if another family member would find delight in it.

Have a tea party and use those teapots you’re saving

If you have been holding onto a beautiful vintage teapot, why not put it to use? Invite your friends over for an impromptu (or planned!) tea party. While you’re at it, use those teacups you’ve collected and that tablecloth at the bottom of a drawer and the pretty cloth napkins that are still pristine. Crack out the candleholders gathering dust. Decorate the table with collections you have. HAVE FUN!

Every day can be special – WEAR those special things

If you have a special dress that you are saving for a special occasion, try it on. Same with shoes. Do you they fit? Do you love them? THEN WEAR THEM! You can make any occasion special. If you have that tea party, wear them for that. Take a cute hat out of its box and wear it while you’re running errands. Put on the adorable earrings. Feel pretty. Be chic. Go on a date. It can be with your spouse or a friend or just by yourself. Make your own occasion, don’t wait. Put on the necklace, use the bag, wear the perfume. Wear them to work, even if you work at home. You are worth it.

Have an at home spa day

I think most people I know have bath and beauty items hanging around. Manicure sets, pumic stones, bath salts, lotions, facial masks, rollers. If you are not a regular user of these, have a spa night. Just do it. Take a bath, or if you hate baths, make a foot bath. Just find a big bowl or dish tub and soak your feet. Manicure your hands and feet. Use your lotions and put on cotton socks. Use your prettiest towel or that bathrobe in the back of your closet. Then put those fancy sheets on your bed and luxuriate.

Have fun! And let me know if you were inspired to use any of those items you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Tag me on Instagram and show me your pictures! @jaimestokereed

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